Ce blog est un site d'archives de notre l'agence de 2006 a 2010.
This blog contains archives from our agency from 2006 to 2010.

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Enjoy last  works of our amazing artists in 2013
Credits from Left to right :1.Make-up: Elise Ducrot for OOB Magazine, photo B.Valognes/ 2.Make-up  : Chantal Van Gogh for Harpers Bazaar Hongkong, photoD.Boomkens,/3 Photographer: Amélie Lombard for Fauchon,/4 .Photographer :Kris de Smedt ,make-up by : Florence Depestele, styling assistant :Vanessa Pinto for L'officiel NL/5 Hair&make-up : florence Bracaval & styling Helena Chambon For Superior Magazine, Photo: Ludo Hanton/6 Photographer: Laetitia Bica for Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Mons 2015,/7 Photographer : Rip hopkins for Extra-Ordinaire,/8 Photographer : Nicolas Velter, for Cap 48, featuring Marouane Fellaini,  Air agency, /9 Hair&Make-up:  Edith Carpentier for Flaunt ,featuring Matthias Schoenaerts photo by C.Pickaerd & P. Mc Lean, /10 Photographer: Laetitia Bica for Elle Belgie, featuring Kenji Minogue band, /11 Make-up: Chantal Van Gogh assistant Jill Joujeon for  Ilja Visser Presentation PFW SS14 ,Totem Press,/11 Photographer :Kris De Smedt, Styling : Vanessa Pinto, Hair&Make-up: Jill Joujon for As/h magazine,/12 Photographer Kris De Smedt, Hair&Make-up Chantal Van Gogh For Roos Vandekerckhove campaign./13 Styling: Helena Chambon, make-up Jill Joujon for Superior Magazine, Photo: Freddy D'hoe./14 Photographer:Bob Jeusette for Asos Tonight Campaign./15 Photographer : Kris De Smedt for Vif Week-end, l'express./16 Photographer :Jean-Bernard Thiele, styling Jessica Santini for l'officile UKR /17 Photographer Kris De Smedt for Show off magazine antwerpen académie./18 Photographer Bob Jeusette, styling :Kate Aronson Brown, Hair&make-up Jill Joujon for Kristen DV./19 Hair & Make-up : Florence Depestele for Braun , featuring Sebastien Vettel, photo: Rankin
C'est chic agency :photographers & video artists, styling, Hair& Make-up , events, fashion show :Choreography & art direction. Brussels based agency.
C'est chic est une agence de photographes, artistes video, stylisme, maquilleur et coiffeurw, Evénementiel, défilés : chorégraphie et direction artistique.
Basée a Bruxelles. Contact : cestchic@skynet.be 00 32 2 5348939